Learning Greek never been so easy!

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New group courses start January 8 2022

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Do you want to Learn Greek Online?

Learn Greek Online with our new teaching platform.

Why to choose us?

  • Learners don’t need to move! Each lesson is held from our on-line teaching platform, using ZOOM!
  • Teachers are native speakers with profesional training to teach greek to non-greek speakers
  • Learners can choose and schedule their private classes when they can
  • Every lesson is recorded and learners have access to them, any time to refresh their knowlenge
  • There is ONE learner/class so each lesson is desighed specifically for each one.
  • You can have assingments and self-evaluation tests to improve yourself
  • You can have all the notes of each lesson to download
  • We accept Credit Cards, Bank tranfer and PayPal.

What is the cost and how can you join our courses?

Cost for learning greek online depends on, level and the number of attendees in the course (private or group course).

Group courses: 2h lessons every Saturday 18.00 (local time) 11.00 (EST) – 45€/month/learner

Private courses: upon arrangement – 18€/hour (begginers level)

If you are interesting to join our courses, to have private lessons, or you want to know more about the cost, levels and program, fill the form below and we will answer ASAP.

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Contact us

If you prefer contact us directly to our email or Skype:

Email: info@iekpaideysi.gr

Skype ID: thlapavi