Learning Greek never been so easy

Why to choose us?

  • Learners don’t need to move! Each lesson is held from our on-line teaching platform, using live video and audio streming. You can learn from home!
  • Teachers are native speakers with profesional training to teach greek to non-greek speakers
  • Learner can choose and schedule the classes when he/she can
  • Every lesson is recorded and learner has access to them, any time to refresh his/her knowlenge
  • There is ONE learner/class so each lesson is desighed specifically for each one.
  • You can have assingments and self-evaluation tests to improve yourself
  • You can have all the notes of each lesson to download
  • We can teach greek based on english, french or italian language


The cost for the lessons of greek language is $20 (USD)/hour lesson for classes with one learner.
If you don’t want to be alone in the class but with one or more friends the cost is $12 (USD)/ hour lesson/ learner.

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